Call center is highly important for the business concerns as its supposed to handle the queries of the customers. Customers who are in trouble with the services/products delivered by the business persons, do contact them back to get a clear solution.


Call centers are thus helpful to retain the potential customers trough telemarketing/ telesales, tele consultant, tele survey etc.


Global call center makes the world more affordable, increasingly tight competition in the market reach. As a result, company's around the world have the same chance to win the market.


Yours company's can be set up call centers themselves or using the infrastructure that had been prepared by the outsourcing call center company's.


DANKOM Global Solution, assist you in providing your company's call center telephony network, both for inbound and outbound to reach the local market and international market.


DANKOM Global Solution has a vision to create a global enterprise reach Indonesian market easily. And help companies in Indonesia reach global markets with ease.



DANKOM Global Networks




Dankom Global Telephony Networks Configuration



Advantages :

  1. Dankom infrastructure having direct connect to major telecom operator in Indonesia and worldwide telecom operator
  2. Dankom infrastructure locate on main server collocation wich have direct connect to major internet service provider both international and Indonesia local exchange (IIX and Open IX)
  3. Dankom infrastructure having GEO active and backup system
  4. Dankom networks design for the high speed and huge traffic volume both in IP Network backhoul (core network) and Telecom Networks
  5. Dankom suppored IP based telephony (SIP and H323, multi codec) and all TDM based type
  6. Etc



Product / Services :

  1. Global DID Provider : INDONESIA & OVERSEASE (more then 60 major country)
  2. Toll Free Numbers
  3. Inbound Calls
  5. Geographic Distribute Call Center
  6. Virtual Office
  7. Virtual Call Center
  8. Cloud Call Center
  9. Etc



Market Needs :

  1. Global Telesales/ Telemarketing
  2. Global Telecollection, Telesurvey, Teleconsulting, Teleconfirmation, Etc
  3. Global Customer Services/ Care
  4. Othes Global Contact Center
  5. Global Call Center Outsourcing Company
  6. Etc



For more information about DANKOM Global Solution please drop your e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us in +62 21 4010 0712 , +62 812 1764 2007, +62 882 1343 0152



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